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The support plan

A support plan is a document that sets out what you would like to change in your life and how you will use your personal budget to make those changes. It will also say what support you will need to make those changes. These positive changes can be called goals or 'outcomes'. This plan is also a good way to tell other people what changes you want to make.

You can make your support plan on your own, or with other people (this could be a provider like Penderels Trust, your friends and family or your social worker). The main thing is that you must have a say about what goes into your plan. Your local authority has to agree your support plan.

Your plan doesn't have to be a written document, you can use pictures, photographs, diagrams or CD/DVD.

The things you write in your support plan must be clear and realistic. The support plan is not something to be written and put away in a drawer but referred to and updated regularly.

Your social worker will need to sign off your support plan. They will review your plan regularly to make sure you are happy and that progress is being made towards achieving your goals.

What will my support plan cost?

Your plan must set out what your support will cost. You need to say how much money you will get in your personal budget and how much money you will spend on support.

You may also have funds other than the personal budget you receive from the local authority such as from Independent Living Fund or you may make your own contribution.

What is support brokerage?

You may also hear the term 'Support Brokerage'. This part of the process is about working out how the Support Plan can be achieved. This could be through researching and exploring options available to them, linking in with social networks and identifying education or training options.

Paying for the support planning & brokerage service

How you pay for the support planning service from Penderels Trust will depend on which local authority area you live in. In many areas, the local authority will pay for this service directly. In other areas, you will need to pay for this service out of your Personal Budget. Your social worker will advise you as to the set up in your own area.

For more information, please download our information leaflet.

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