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Peer support groups are informal groups that are run by people who use our services, not by Penderels Trust staff (although we can come along if you want us to).  They meet regularly to discuss issues around direct payments, the service we provide them and how we can move these services forward.

In addition, many peer support groups invite other people to talk about things relevant to them or simply someone to entertain them!  Visitors have included the fire and rescue service, a travel company, a holistic therapist and the social care team from the local authority.

For further information relating to each branch, simply click the region name below.  Unfortunately, some areas do not have a peer support group. If yours is one of them and you would be interested in starting one, please contact your local office.


Jane Ward or Julia Mander on 0247 651 1611


Penderels Trust on 01352 706235


Penderels Trust on 01642 326086


Penderels Trust on 01522 833803


Penderels Trust on 01924 898136


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