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Autumn 2011
| Penderels Trust Newsletter
During the Christmas season, Penderels Trust
offices across the country will be open as normal,
except on the following days:
Friday 23rd December 2011
- offices close at 2.30pm
Monday 26th December 2011
- offices closed all day
Tuesday 27th December 2011
- offices closed all day
Friday 30th December 2011
- offices close at 3.30pm
Monday 2nd January 2012
- offices closed all day
During these times, out of hours numbers for local
social services emergency teams will be detailed
on each local office answering service. You will also
be able to find this information on the Penderels
Trust Facebook Page and our website.
New office locations
Penderels Trust has been awarded contracts to
provide direct payment advice and guidance
services in both London Borough of Croydon and
Cumbria. These are two very different parts of the
country & these new contracts mean we now
provide services in 1/5th of the local authority
areas across England and Wales.
Staff & trustees at Penderels are very excited to be
working in these two locations and we look forward
to meeting existing and new direct payment
recipients in these areas over the next few months.
We commenced work in Croydon on October 17th
2011, and will start providing services in Cumbria on
November 1st 2011. Office location and contact
details can be found on the Penderels Trust website.
December 2011
Opening Times
an iPod Nano
Penderels Trust
Head Office - Coventry
Seven Stars Estate, Wheler Road
Whitley, Coventry CV3 4LB
Telephone: 024 7651 1611
Local Rate: 0845 0500 862
Fax: 024 7651 1761
Fancy getting creative at home on the run up to
Christmas? If you love crafting and would like to get
your art goodies out for the winter, we have a great
competition for you!
Simply design your own Christmas card – you can draw,
paint or create it on your computer. If your design is
chosen by our trustees as the winning design, it will
feature on the 2011 Penderels Trust Christmas Card,
as well as on our website & associated social media
(e.g. Facebook, Twitter).
All designs should be themed around the holiday
season, be it traditional, modern or humorous. They
can be landscape or portrait designs as long as they
are approximately 21cm x 15cm.
The winning design will win an iPod 8GB Nano, kindly
donated by The Jade Studio in Coventry who help us
with the designs of our information guides & newsletters.
Send your designs to Caroline Clay by email
( or by post to
Caroline Clay at the Head Office address shown below.
They must be received by Monday 14th November
2011. Entrants must be service users of Penderels
Good luck!!
Christmas card