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For further information on All About People (AAP),
please call us on 024 7651 5690 or e-mail
All About People (AAP) is a company owned by
Penderels Trust. We have used our experience
and expertise of working with people who need
to recruit and employ their own personal
assistant to create All About People.
AAP is a specialist employment agency that
provides a service for individuals with disabilities,
matching them with prospective personal
assistants to support them with their
independent living needs. We understand that
the recruitment of high quality, suitable personal
assistants is often a daunting and time
consuming task.
AAP offers a service that carefully matches your
requirements with the skills and experience of
personal assistants. This will save you time and
money, minimises the likelihood of problems
whilst still giving you the opportunity to choose
who you wish to employ.
We hold a register of vetted and pre-screened
personal assistants who are looking for work. If
you sign up for our service and wish to recruit a
personal assistant, we will discuss with you what
you are looking for both from the type of person
you require (what skills, experience and type of
personality they have) and the details of the role
you are offering (e.g. hours of work, rates of pay,
You can pay for this service on a weekly payment
basis which will enable you to access our
register of personal assistants at any time during
the year. Alternatively, you can pay a one off fee
every time you use the service to find a personal
By using the weekly scheme, you will avoid
having to pay out the expensive costs of
advertising for a new personal assistant and
have a quick and easy way to meet your recruitment
needs. Whichever payment method you
choose, you will get the following benefits:
• A cost effective, hassle free way of finding the
right personal assistant.
• You still have choice and control over who you employ.
• You are still the employer of your personal assistant.
• Our expertise in matching the skills of personal
assistants to the needs of individual employers
means successful long term employment placements.
• Personal assistants on our register are
background checked and pre-screened before
they are put on our database.
• We provide training for personal assistants to
help them do a better job.
All About People
‘giving individual employers the help and support
they need to find the right personal assistant’