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Naeem’s Mum, Khoirun, wrote to us recently telling us how direct payments and the support the family receive from Penderels Trust has made all the difference to family life.

Previously, Naeem received eight hours of care a day which didn’t provide him with enough support for his daily activities and his homework. Naeem has two sisters and Khoirun did not have sufficient time to spend with them as she had to

their school work. Without the support of Penderels Trust, I would not be able to have the positive feelings I have about my son’s future. I need to mention that part of the milestones of improvement with my son is that he has developed language and he can now communicate through his every day life.”

Khoirun and Naeem are supported by the Independent Living Advisers team at our Westminster office.

focus on supporting Naeem.

Following a re-assessment, Naeem was offered a direct payment which enabled the family to find a carer who is able to understand and help Naeem and gave his Mum time to give his sisters the support they needed.

Khoirun told us

“I just want to say how grateful I am for this support; Naeem and the girls are progressing with

Direct Payments Make a Difference


Janette Roberts has been receiving a Direct Payment since 2006 for social inclusion.

With the support of her personal assistant, Sandra, she enjoys shopping, going for short walks in her community and her craft work, making cards and jewellery.

Janette has been attending the Flintshire peer group since it started four years ago with her mum, Sheila and Sandra. With their support and the support given by the peer group, Janette’s confidence has really grown and she has recently taken an active role in providing voluntary help when the group needs it.

Peer support groups are run by people who use our services, not by Penderels Trust (although we can come along if invited by the group). They meet regularly to discuss issues around direct payments, the service we provide them and how we can move these services forward. In addition, many peer support groups invite along other people to talk about things relevant to them or simply to entertain them! For details of your local group, please go to and look under ‘Support’.

Janette Roberts

The amount of national insurance payable by both employers and employees has changed.

This change represents about a 1% increase to both employers and employees - the exact rates can be found on:

These changes will be made automatically through your tax office returns if you use a payroll provider.

Important changes to National Insurance

Janette with her Mum, helping Flintshire office get their newsletter mailed. Some of Janette’s jewellery.

Page 3 - Newsletter

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