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Personal Assistant

Location: Nuneaton, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.50 per hour (day rate), £11.00 per hour (evening rate: 9:45 pm - 11:00 pm)

Hours per Week: 12.5 hours per week

Job Reference: KSKT Expires: 29th January 2018

About the Employer

As my PA you would be enabling me to continue to live independently in my own home as well as offering support to access the local community. There will be times when you will have to support with personal care. I am a laid back gentleman living with Muscular Dystrophy, Cardiomyopathy, Osteopenia and IBS. I am a full-time wheelchair user so this role does involve moving and handling as well as the use of a moving and handling equipment/ Full training will be provided, if and when necessary. You will be expected to support me with medical appointments which will include Physio, Osteo and Hydro-therapy. You would also be required to support me with shopping, social activities and to assist me with my various hobbies. 

Summary of Duties

Roles and Responsibilities:

Provide support with personal care. Such duties may include: assisting me to transfer to toilet with use of a hoist or empty urine bottles. This may be required at any time either at home, at appointments or during shopping or social activities.

Adjusting feet to ensure they are in a comfortable position.

Dressing – ensuring appropriate clothing for the weather is worn, and the clothing is fitted comfortably.

Prompting, preparing, and applying medication.

Preparing a drink for medication.

Collecting of prescriptions/medication.

Support to attend appointments, including doctors, dental, hospital and meetings.


Support to attend therapies;

Physio/Osteo appointments will include putting socks/shoes/jacket/tshirt on and off, assist with positioning sling, hoisting and holding legs to assist the therapist.

Hydrotherapy appointments will include support to get ready to go into the swimming pool including hoisting, getting dressed/undressed, assisting to hoist in/out of pool. Please note that you would not be required to get into the pool. I will also need support to shower, dry and get dressed after the session.


Support with physio for legs when at home as well as helping me to use exercise bike.

Shopping, including personal shopping e.g. clothes etc. This will include helping me to try clothes on, get items from shelves, pack/carry shopping and putting food/clothes away etc.

Support with managing finances when out and about, such as cash withdrawals, using card machines and paying with cash.

Support to re-fuel car when out and about.

Support/prepare meals/snacks and drinks throughout the day, sometimes in preparation of taking medication. I may also require help with cutting up some food items. Cutlery and crockery used for preparation and serving will need to be cleaned after use.

Support with cleaning and laundry, including changing of bed sheets, washing clothes/towels and ironing.

Hygienic cleaning of bathroom including wiping down tiles, mopping floors, cleaning toilet, sink and shower chair. Water in buckets will also need to be changed which is used to clean urine bottles.

Cleaning of bedroom including dusting and dry/wet mopping floor.

Emptying/cleaning urine bottles etc

Empty bins / recycling

Ensure charger points are available by plugging chargers in/out and turning plug sockets on/off

Prepare room for the night - draw curtains and opening/closing windows etc (night call)

Support to get ready for bed – undressing, toileting, hoisting, applying heal cream and pad, dressing in night clothes – (night call)  

Support to get into bed – helping with transfers or hoisting, lifting legs into bed and pull covers over (night call)

Ensure wheelchair is plugged in and charging – (night call)

Ensure all doors/windows are locked, alarm on and lights off – (night call)

Provide support with social activities – either in my home or in the local area – computers, listening to music or attending concerts, comedy shows, films/cinema, eating out and going for drinks. Occasionally support to visit friends and family.

Support with admin tasks, such as mail, parcels, printing, scanning, changing cartridges for printer, filing paperwork, opening laptop, completing forms, shredding etc.

Others tasks will include applying sun cream/after sun, picking things up that I have dropped, passing things down such as DVD’s, setting up items for hobbies such as jigsaws. May also require cutting of finger nails, applying wound dressings if needed, putting things in/out of wardrobe, turning towel rail on, wrapping presents and any other tasks that may be required from time to time to assist with my daily living.

Occasional cover may be needed for my morning agency carers to include helping me to get out of bed, help with transfers, hoisting, and assist to wash/dry my back/legs/feet/hair. Also help with medication, moving electric wheelchair into my room, applying deodorant/moisturiser, getting dressed, putting on heal pad and prepare breakfast.

Respect confidentiality, privacy and help maintain my dignity.

To be flexible with working hours.

You have a responsibility as an Employee to report all accidents to the employer immediately.  You must record all details in the accident book.


Please note that this list is not exhaustive and will change/vary to meet my needs. 

The Person They Are Looking For

DBS check may be required.

Experience working in care is preferred.

To have an easy going personality with a good sense of humour.

Be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Able to work flexibly and follow instructions accurately.

Be patient, supportive and caring.

Driver preferred but not essential.

Excellent English both spoken and written.

Excellent communication skills.

The Times Required

8.75 day time hours spread over Monday, Friday and Saturday.

3.75 evening hours (night time calls) spread over Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Please note that you must have a flexible approach to the daytime hours as you will be expected to attend appointments.

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