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Keep in touch…
Penderels Trust is committed to ensuring we are able to stay in touch with people who use
our services in as many ways as possible. Adding additional ways of communicating, whilst
reassuring everyone that their preferences will be met, will bring more choice, improve
efficiency and help us to be environmentally responsible.
People, like yourselves, using our services have asked us to use more social media in providing
information. In addition to the mobile phone application detailed on the opposite page, we want
to encourage people to use our online services.
Listed below are a number of new methods of staying in touch with Penderels Trust. People
who use one of these methods by 23rd December 2011 will be entered into a prize draw!
How to be entered is detailed next to each method below:
Full details of the prize draw can be found
on the Penderels Trust Facebook Page.
Send your email to
to receive future copies of this newsletter via e-mail.
If you have already requested this service, send your
email again to be entered into the prize draw.
Follow us on twitter at
- tweet "i'm following Penderels Trust @the_pttp"
to your followers to be entered into the prize draw.
If you have a facebook page,
search for "
Penderels Trust
and '
' us to be entered into
the prize draw.
The idea behind ICE is that you store the word ICE in your mobile
phone address book & with it enter the number of the person you want
to be contacted 'in case of emergency' (ICE).
This is recommended by the NHS and is an effective way to ensure that
ambulance crews and hospital staff can contact a patient's loved one
quickly in the event of hospitalisation.