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If you are employing your own personal assistant, you want to be sure that you pay them accurately and on time. You also want to be sure that you meet your tax and national insurance obligations.

Our Payroll Bureau offers a specialist service for people who employ their own personal assistant.

We already support over 6,000 employers from our dedicated payroll office. Most of our customers pay their staff on a four-weekly pay cycle but we can accommodate other pay cycles if this is more suitable.

Our payroll service includes the provision of an automatic enrolment scheme for employers. It is now a legal requirement for all employers to provide a workplace pension for eligible staff, including those who employ someone for their own care. We will manage this scheme on behalf of our payroll customers. We offer different levels based on the eligibility of employees and the payroll service being received.

Service Levels

We offer two different levels of service: our standard payroll service and our Direct Debit (BACS) service. Whichever you choose, we will:

  • Provide you with all the paperwork you need, including timesheets, our easy-to-read reference guide and a payroll calendar
  • Allocate you a single contact within the payroll bureau so you know who to talk to if you need advice
  • Keep you updated on changes in legislation such as minimum wage rates and statutory sick and maternity pay
  • File P45s/P60s electronically and communicate other changes (e.g. tax code changes) by e-mail, saving time and paperwork as we are now directly linked to HMRC (In Years)

Service Levels

We offer two different levels of service: our standard payroll service and our Direct Debit (BACS) service. Shown below are the different elements for each, whichever you choose:

  Standard Direct Debit (BACS)
Processing timesheets
Issuing pay slips for each member of staff
Liaison with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
Calculation of statutory sick pay and maternity pay
Production of P60s and P45s
Electronic submission of end-of-year returns to HMRC
Attachment of Earnings
Repayment of student loans
Calculation of quarterly payment to HMRC
Quarterly payment made directly to HMRC
Electronic transfer of wages to employee's account
Calculation of payment to be made to pension provider
Payment made directly to pension provider

Contact the Payroll Bureau

Penderels Trust Payroll Bureau
Fairfield Court
Wheler Road
Whitley Coventry

Telephone: 02476 511375 Fax: 02476 511166


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is P.A.Y.E?

P.A.Y.E means 'Pay as You Earn' for Tax & National Insurance contributions.

What is an Emergency Tax code? It is a Tax code that is used until a P45 is received, or a P46 is sent, stating your present employment circumstances or a code notification is received from HMRC.

What is S.M.P?

Statutory Maternity Pay.

What is S.S.P?

Statutory Sick Pay.

What happens if I do not send in my timesheet on time?

A late timesheet will not be processed until the next time the pay cycle is open.

Why is it important that I get my timesheet in on time?

It is important that your timesheet is in on time so that your employees pay the correct Tax & National Insurance for that Tax period. If the timesheet is processed late it could mean that they pay more Tax & National Insurance.

When will I receive my Employee's payslips?

On the Thursday of the week your timesheets were due to be processed.

How do I calculate my Employee's holiday entitlement/pay?

You need to contact your local Penderels Trust Office who will be able to advise you.

What do I do when I have run out of timesheets?

Contact the Payroll Bureau or your local office who will arrange for some more to be sent to you.

How do I send in my timesheets?

You can send it either by post, fax, e-mail or hand deliver it to your local Penderels Trust office who will then fax it to the Payroll Bureau on your behalf.

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