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Summer 2012
Penderels Trust
- newsletter
If you’ve not visited our website
recently, it’s time to take another
look. Packed with information,
news and useful downloads,
we’ve made it much easier to find
what you are looking for. Whether
it’s finding out about becoming
an employer or where your
nearest office is, it’s all there at
the click of a button.
Penderels Trust website gets a re-vamp
Penderels Trust has been
awarded contracts to provide
direct payment advice and
guidance services in Borough of
Poole (adults), Cambridgeshire
and Salford.
Both our offices in Borough of
Poole and Cambridgeshire
commenced work on 1st February
2012 and and our office in Salford
will be open on 1st June 2012.
Staff and trustees at Penderels
Trust are very excited to be
working in these new locations
and look forward to meeting
existing and new direct payment
recipients in these areas. For
office details and contact
information, please visit the
Penderels Trust website.
Three New
Office Locations
We are currently seeking
expressions of interest
from individuals to join
our Board of Trustees.
If you are able to bring business
acumen and commercial skills to
our Board, combined with an
understanding of social care or
the voluntary sector, we would
like to hear from you.
Please contact Ais Reynolds to
register your interest by emailing
or call 02476 511 611.
Are you interested in shaping
the future of Penderels Trust?
We launched the Penderels Trust
Application (app) late last year
and since then hundreds of
people have downloaded it onto
their Apple or Android device,
ensuring they can access advice
and guidance from Penderels
Trust wherever they are. Users
have reported that it is a cost
efficient, quick way to determine
what support is available and
how much it will cost (for those
customers who pay for their
support). And it’s not only been
users of our services that
have used the app, social
workers and care support
staff have also found it an
easy and accessible way to
calculate social care
Penderels Trust Mobile Phone App
For those with a smartphone,
simply scan the relevant QR
code with your QR reader to
instantly download the FREE
Penderels Trust App.