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Personal Assistant

Location: Hatton - Warwick Area, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.00 per hour plus mileage allowance of 40 miles per week at 40p per mile

Hours per Week: 10 hours per week spread over 3 days

Job Reference: HLTK Expires: 18th December 2017

About the Employer

Senior single man with learning difficulties who lives on his own. He has a lovely disposition and is good company with no malice.

He is full of goodness and kindness.

He needs to be respected and will not tolerate unkindness.

He is very sociable but can sometimes be too trusting of people and can be taken advantage of.

He has little concept of time. He is fully mobile and can see and hear without aids.

Summary of Duties

Liaise with family on most aspects of support required

Support with his Personal hygiene (bathing, teeth cleaning etc). Support his medication.

Support him to attend Doctors, Dental and podiatry appointments.

Supervise his Diet to help him eat healthy. Make sure he has clean clothes to put on daily.

Take and pick up his laundry from the launderette.

Take him to cafe’s when required.

Check food in fridge and larder are not out of date.

Change bedding once a week and make sure he wears pyjamas to bed.

Liaise with family if new clothes, shoes etc are needed

 Supervise shaving and hair cutting. Supervise rubbish removal from house.

Check post and forward important post to family.

Check on general cleanliness of house and report any problems to family

The Person They Are Looking For

A trustworthy person with good time management and communication skills who can quickly form a good relationship with the employer so that he trusts them and feels comfortable with them.

Must have a car to carry out the duties required- business insurance must be added to policy

The Times Required


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