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Welcome to Cambridgeshire

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Independent Living Adviser Lorraine Waller
Finance Officer (Managed Accounts) Alison Constable
Finance Officer (Managed Accounts) Yasir Usman

Welcome to Penderels Trust Cambridgeshire

We have received the information below to support direct payment users and their personal assistants in Cambridgeshire during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Continuation of care for Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council clients

If you are a PA and have concerns that you may not be able to care for your client leaving them vulnerable, then please make contact with your social worker in the first instance. Alternatively, please contact CMPR@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Personal Protective Equipment - Local Authority emergency supplies

The local authority has secured a limited supply of PPE for emergency use only. If you have a case or suspected case of Covid-19 and do not have the correct PPE to support (or will run out within seven days) then you may apply for an emergency supply. This stock is not available for routine re-stocking of PPE supplies. If a personal assistant requires PPE in an emergency, then please email CMPR@cambridgeshire.gov.uk  Any PA requesting PPE will be verified as to who they are working for as a safeguard to the supplies. This stock is not available to the general public.  

Alternatively, you may be able to purchase PPE from one of the following suppliers:

Pinfold Promotions – face shields. Email kerry@pinfoldpromotions.co.uk
Cutting Edge Services – arm covers/scrubs/shoe covers www.cuttingedgeservices.co.uk  or 01772 956 204

Bentley Nursing Supplies      www.bentleynursing.com  Tel: 01733 555838
Careshop     Email: coronavirus@careshop.co.uk
Blueleaf Care Tel: 03300 552288  Email: emergencystock@blueleafcare.com
Delivernet  Tel: 01756 70 60 50    Email: kevin.newhouse@delivernet.co.uk
Countrywide Healthcare Tel: 01226 719090 Email: enquiries@countrywidehealthcare.co.uk

Our Services

Please note that since 1st April 2017, some of our services have changed.  Please see below for more information.

Payroll and Managed Accounts

Our payroll and managed account service remains unchanged.  The team can be contacted as before on:

Managed Accounts: 01284 592418 Option 6 or cambridgeshire@penderelstrust.org.uk

Payroll Department: 02476 511375 or payroll@penderelstrust.org.uk 

Direct Payment Support Services & Personal Health Budget Support Services

Direct Payment Support Services are now being provided by Purple, not Penderels Trust.  Any requests for direct payment support or personal health budget support should be directed to:

Tel: 01223 930330.       
Web: www.wearepurple.org.uk/cambridgeshire



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