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Supporting people to manage their own finances

Whenever possible, it is best for an individual to retain responsibility for their own finances.  The Money Management programme has been set up by Penderels Trust for individuals who need some additional support to manage their daily finances.

The aim of the scheme is to enable people to manage their own money successfully and to prevent them having to move to an appointeeship service where their money is managed by someone else, thus reducing their independence.

A member of the Money Management team will support the individual with budgeting and managing their finances without taking overall control.  The emphasis is on empowering the individual to take responsibility for their finances and to give advice and guidance on how to budget for the future.

Typically, a person would be on the scheme for three months at which point they are ready to be fully financially independent.  


Money Management Services Leaflet

This is our guide to our money management services which gives you information on what we do and our prices.

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