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A personal budget means you have more control over the support you receive

If your social worker has assessed that you need care and support, you will be allocated an amount of money to pay for services to meet those needs.  This amount of money is called your personal budget.  The best way to meet your needs will be written up in your support plan.  Your personal budget should be spent on meeting the outcomes (goals) as detailed in your support plan.  You will be involved in writing your support plan, this is called self-directed support. Most local authorities in England and Wales are working towards self-directed support as the approach for everyone who needs social care support.

Having a personal budget means you will:

  • Know how much money is available to you to meet your social care needs
  • Have a support plan which says what outcomes you want to achieve with that funding
  • Be able to choose and control how and when your budget is spent

Some people choose to manage their personal budget as a direct payment. However, you can have a personal budget even if you don't want to manage a direct payment. Your personal budget can be managed by a third party, a Trust or your local authority if you prefer.

For more information on personal budgets and self-directed support in your area, refer to your local authority website or visit www.in-control.org.uk for more general information and background.

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