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Share your experience with others new to direct payments

The Nationwide Networking Group was first started on our website back in 2005. We asked our service users across England and Wales if they would like to offer their contact details so people who were considering a direct payment may contact them for information and advice.

We are pleased that the group has grown and we have representatives from many different areas.

If you are interested in joining the Nationwide Networking Group, please go to the green 'Become a Member' box on the right hand side of this page.  If you would prefer, you can contact our Head Office on 02476 511611 or call your local Penderels Trust office for further information.

The people below are happy to be contacted to discuss any issues around receiving a direct payment.


Amanda Thompson, Tel: 0121 243 8678, Email: mandieandandrew@gmail.com 
Best suited to advise a person with mental health needs


Oliver Dann, Tel: 07811 254990, Email: oliver.dann@hotmail.co.uk  

Julie Hayward, Tel: 07787 808874, Email: d.hayward1@sky.com
Best suited to advise a family with children with disabilities

Fatou Desouza, Tel: 02476 686786, Email: fatoudesouza1@gmail.com
Best suited to advise someone with learning disabilities

Rashada Hussain, Tel: 02476 267569
Best suited to advise a family with children with disabilities


Luke Chamberlayne, Tel: 01452 415180, Email: luck@lchamber.plus.com 
Best suited to advise on learning disability, sensory impairment, physical disabilities.

Allan Johnson, Email: aj005a3936@blueyonder.co.uk 
Best suited to advise older people.


C. Storey, Tel: 01429 281329, Email: christine-1951@hotmail.co.uk


Sandra Thompson, Tel: 01509 559105, Email: nannawheels@aol.com 
Best suited to help adults with physical disabilities and older people.


Eliana Hazelden, Tel: 01527 680487 
Jane Cook, Tel: 01526 321030, Email: jane.cook@virgin.net
Jayne Knight, Tel: 01522 524538
Sarah Lloyd, Email: barley_mow@hotmail.com 
John Wilson, Email: john@thefamilywilson.co.uk 
Brenda Goulding, Tel: 07722 919682  
Sandra Stevenson, Email: sandra.stevenson@talktalk.net 
David Hawkins, Tel: 01522 694154, Email: pjdjhawkins@hotmail.com 

Leigh Dolton, Tel: 07826 442442, Email: leighdolton539@hotmail.com
Best suited to help families with children with disabilities.

Donald Sweeting, Tel: 07930 561369, Email: donald.derick.sweeting@gmail.com 
Best suited to help older person or person with mental health needs.

Lyn Burton, Tel: 01778 421270 
Caron Oysten, Tel: 01205 366374, Email: aloyst@aol.com
Michelle Foulston, Tel: 01673 818681 
Andrew McLaughlin, Tel: 01673 878502 
Michelle Venkatasamy (speak to Mum - Brenda), Tel: 01673 863034

Marian Culy, Tel: 07887 480058, Email: mazgo@hotmail.co.uk
Best suited to help people with mental health needs or a person with physical disabilities.

North Lincolnshire

Freda Berisford, Tel: 01724 732137, Email: berrisford@fberrisford.freeserve.co.uk 


Valerie Scott, Tel: 07881 652542, Email: valsem82@aol.com
Best suited to advise family with children with a disability.

Mandy Sloanes, Tel: 07780 109819
Best suited to advise family with children with a disability.


Mrs Jacqueline Hunter, Tel: 01977 310480, Email: jacquihunter@gmail.com 
Best suited to advise older person, family with children with disabilities or person with sensory impairment.


John Taylor, Tel: 01905 774433
Robin Smith (contact father Mr Smith), Tel: 01299 878642
Pauline Hirst, Tel: 01905 749024, Email: hirstpauline@hotmail.com 
Best suited to advise person with physical disabilities and older people


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