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Some people find it easier to use a care agency to meet their needs

Becoming an employer is not the only option if you take a direct payment.  For some people, for example those who need short periods of care at different times during the day or those who don't wish to or are unable to become an employer, using a care agency is the best option.  
The benefits of using an agency include not having to worry about employing staff, the agency are the employer, you simply have to pay their invoices when they are due.  You won't have to worry about covering for staff absence as the agency will send someone else and they should all have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and will have the right to work in the UK.
Using a care agency does have some disadvantages compared to being an employer.  You will have little control over which staff support you and you may have different staff members at different times.  You may not be able to have the support you want at exactly the time of day you want it as you will have to slot into their schedule.  You cannot train or guide a staff member in the same way you would if they worked directly for you.
Most agencies require you to sign a contract with them at the start of the service.  You will probably have to give them a few weeks' notice if you wish to cancel the service.

If you decide to use an agency for all or some of your care, we can help you decide which one is best for you.  The one you choose is always up to you, although we will support you in making the decision.  
  • We will work with you to decide what type of agency you are looking for and help you put together a list of care agencies that you may wish to contact.
  • We will discuss with you how a care agency usually works and how they are checked to make sure they do a good job.
  • Together, we will agree the type of questions you may like to ask them (for example, what their charges are).
  • We will explain how you can book your care through the agency and draw up a list of questions you should ask (for example, what happens if you need to cancel an appointment). 
  • We will support you throughout the year with managing your care through an agency and we will help you if you have any problems with your care or wish to change agencies.
  • We will advise you what to do if you need to complain or make a comment about your care agency.
  • We will talk about what financial records you need to keep and what information you need to send in to the local authority.
  • We will send you our regular newsletter and other information to keep you up-to-date.



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