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Our Suitable Persons service enables more people to benefit from a direct payment

A Suitable Person arrangement is appropriate where a person has been identified as having community care needs and where those needs could be met by a direct payment package, but only with support from a third party.  This is often because the individual has been assessed as lacking capacity (or is reasonably believed to lack capacity) as defined in the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

The 'suitable person' will act on behalf of the individual to manage the direct payment and take on the responsibilities of any contractual arrangement with an agency or become the employer of personal assistants.

Penderels Trust can act as the suitable person for individuals receiving a direct payment and using an agency for their care.  We don't currently act for those people who wish to employ a personal assistant.

In addition to taking on the contractual responsibilities for managing the direct payment in agreement with the local authority, we ensure the care and support being received by the agency (and any other relevant providers) is in the best interests of the individual, that their needs are being met and that all contingency/emergency plans are in place and known to all relevant parties. 

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