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Office Contacts
Title Name
Service Manager Amy
Independent Living Coordinator Andrew
Independent Living Coordinator Hannah
Independent Living Coordinator Lucy
Independent Living Coordinator Trish
Independent Living Coordinator Andrew H
Independent Living Coordinator Lynne
Independent Living Coordinator Tammy
Independent Living Coordinator Alan
Finance Officer (Managed Accounts) Sarah
Finance Officer (Managed Accounts) Mel
Finance Officer (Managed Accounts) Christopher
Finance Officer (Managed Accounts) Vickie
Clerical Officer Shelby

Welcome to Penderels Trust Lincolnshire

Please find below some general information on the services we offer.  

On this website you can also access:

  • PA Finder - the right hand side of this page
  • Document centre - the right hand side of this page
  • Events Calendar - link at the top of the page

Please contact us at the office if you need any further help or information.

Services in Lincolnshire

Penderels Trust is working in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council to support adults and children who receive a direct payment in the area to get the most out of their care money and to achieve their goals.  Our support includes:

  • Support when recruiting a personal assistant
  • Guidance on all aspects of being a good employer including legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Support with choosing and using a care agency
  • Help with money management and keeping accurate records
  • Payroll services
  • Managed accounts

Please contact the team at the Lincolnshire office for more information.

You can also watch our bite-sized videos about us, our services and Direct Payments. See the flyer at the bottom of this page to have a look. 

You can receive your direct payment in the form of a Virtual Wallet. Find out more about Virtual Wallets via our introductory video that you can watch here.

Are you a PA or Direct Payment recipient in Lincolnshire? We have a Facebook group just for you!  

We’ve set up two peer support groups for Lincolnshire: one for Direct Payment users and one for Personal Assistants. They’re run on Facebook, with rules and settings in place to protect your privacy. You can chat, share ideas and ask queries. Why not join and say hello?

Click here for the Direct Payment user group.

Click here for the Personal Assistant group.

We also run virtual peer support meetings for Direct Payment users. This small and friendly group meets every month on Zoom for a chat. If you’d like to take part, contact us at lincolnshire@penderelstrust.org.uk.

Safeguarding in Lincolnshire

If someone you know in Lincolnshire is being abused or you think they might be, please contact the safeguarding team at Lincolnshire. It's better to be on the safe side. 

If you believe that a child or adult may be the victim of neglect, abuse or cruelty please call:

  • Children's Safeguarding - 01522 782111 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m to 6  p.m.)
  • Adults' Safeguarding - 01522 782155 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or
  • 01522 782333  for outside office hours

You do not need to know everything about the situation. You may just be worried or feel that something is not right. 

If you believe a crime has been committed and there is an immediate risk of danger, call the police on 999 or 112.  If there is no immediate danger, call the police on 101. 

People who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can use the police Typetalk service on: 

  • 01522 558263 or
  • 01522 558140 or
  • 07761 911287

If you have a concern about domestic abuse, call EDAN Lincs on 01522 510041.

To find out about advocacy, please visit Connect to Support Lincolnshire.

Child Sexual Exploitation

A confidential 24-hour helpline is available for children and young people who are worried they are in an exploitative situation. 

Call or text free on 116 000 or visit https://www.saysomething.net/ 

Whistleblowing in Lincolnshire

What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is described as the act of reporting unethical activity or misconduct within private, public or third-sector companies. Some everyday activities that come under whistleblowing are bullying, fraud, corruption, discrimination and health and safety violations.

You can raise your concern at any time about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now or you believe will happen in the near future.

Please follow the below link which will outline in more detail the next steps and provide you with further information:



Useful Links 

Remote Employment Service - run by BID Services, one of our partner organisations, for people who are currently unemployed and have hearing or sight loss


Covid-19 Key Worker Letter Lincolnshire County Council

This is a letter template that direct payment employers can complete and provide their PA(s) with a copy to evidence their key worker status.

Direct Payment Introduction videos

We've created a bank of bite-sized videos about Direct Payments, PA recruitment, Managed Accounts and more. Click the links in the flyer to watch.

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