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Personal Assistant (min 18yrs)

Location: Earlsdon, Coventry, Midlands Rate of Pay: Pay varies by shift*

Hours per Week: Day shift is 9am to 5pm; night shift is 5pm to 9am

Job Reference: COV328JC1 Expires: 25th September 2019

About the Employer

I’m a 37-years old man living in my own property in the Earlsdon area. I work (which sometimes takes me away from Coventry), I enjoy a good social life locally and also taking holidays abroad. I require support to assist me with these activities as well as daily living. I use a motorised wheelchair at all times.

Summary of Duties

The key tasks within this role include:


  • Assisting me to get in and out of bed, dressed and undressed.
  • Morning routine (including assistance going to the bathroom, toileting, washing, showering, etc.)
  • Assisting me to transfer to/from an electric wheelchair.
  • Providing assistance preparing food and drink.
  • Accompanying me on days out for activities. (My adapted vehicle will be used for this purpose).


My needs may vary from day-to-day and your tasks may reflect this. You could be required to perform other duties as reasonably required.

You may be required to undertake any training that is considered necessary and appropriate to your role, e.g. moving and handling.


It’s not essential you’re a driver, but that could be useful.

The Person They Are Looking For

I’m supported by a team of long-standing, valued PAs so you’ll be expected to fit in and be a team player.

You must be patient, understanding and calm. If you have experience of working with people who have CP, this would be advantageous but it’s not essential.

You will be reliable and possess good timekeeping skills. With regard to working arrangements, flexibility is essential.

You will be confident, calm and empathetic and seek to make a difference to my life.

You will need to respect my privacy and demonstrate understanding of the need for confidentiality.

You must be a minimum age of 18yrs as you will be required to administer medication, work shifts before 6am and after 10pm and work more than 40hrs per week.

Moving and Handling and Epilepsy Awareness are mandatory training and will be provided by the employer.

This advert may close before the stated date if sufficient applications.

The Times Required

To start, one or two weekday shifts are required depending on your availability. Once your probationary period (13 weeks) is completed, additional shifts will become available.


Pay varies by shift:* £80.00 (weekday, day), £90.00 (weekend, day), £165.00 (weekday, night), £175.00 (Fri/Sun, night) and £180.00 (Sat, night).

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