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Female Personal Assistant x 2

Location: Callow End, Midlands Rate of Pay: £13.20 per hour (mileage expenses 40p per mile)

Hours per Week: 18 hours per week between 2 PAs*

Job Reference: WOR1436506SJ1 Expires: 25th September 2019

Female Personal Assistant (EQUALITY ACT 2010 SCHEDULE 9, PART 1 APPLIES)

About the Employer

I am a bubbly 73 year old with a great sense of humour living in Callow End Worcestershire. I live alone but I love company and often like to sit outside to talk to my neighbours, the postal workers and the refuse collectors. I love crafty, creative things like sewing and jigsaw puzzles although I am not able to do these activities alone now as I lose track of where I am and get frustrated. I also really struggle with motivation and initiation of tasks which is partly due to my dementia and difficulties with anxiety and depression. I like to be as independent as possible and I am a proud woman but also very laid back. Due to my dementia I can make decisions in the moment but sometimes don’t realise the impact of my decisions and need support to remember all of the important information. I also have other medical difficulties including insulin controlled diabetes, asthma and osteoporosis... but I like to think I’m still a spring chicken!

My home, my family, my friends and my carers are very important to me and enable me to live a full independent life.

Summary of Duties

Duties include:

Personal care

  • supporting with shower, hair washing, applying creams
  • cleaning dentures 


Around the house

  • washing up and cleaning kitchen sides
  • light cleaning duties as needed



  • support with meal preparation


In the community

  • support me to access the community
  • support me with attending medical appointments


General responsibilities

  • a professional, caring, efficient and dignified service should be provided at all times to ensure the highest possible level of care
  • support to maintain independence


My needs may vary from day to day and your tasks may reflect this. You could be required to perform other duties as reasonably required.

You may be required to undertake any training that is considered necessary and appropriate to your role.

The Person They Are Looking For

The person I am looking for:


Education, Training and Qualifications

  • no formal qualifications required
  • dementia awareness is desirable
  • diabetes awareness is desirable


Experience and Job Related Knowledge

  • previous experience working as a Care Assistant is desirable
  • knowledge of health, safety and welfare


Abilities and Aptitudes

I would like to meet someone bubbly with a good sense of humour. I need a lot of encouragement and emotional support to look after myself and accept help. Therefore I need someone who can be very persuasive, patient and firm whilst being kind and caring. You should have a genuine interest in offering high quality care which enables someone to be as independent as possible. Prior experience of offering care would be ideal but is not essential if we can have a good working relationship. Must be able to take the initiative and have good common sense. Successful applicant will be willing to undertake training as necessary (e.g. dementia awareness, diabetes awareness).


Must be a non-smoker as I am asthmatic and traces of smoke make me breathless.

Car Owner and full driving licence essential (business insurance required), you will be required to use your car to take me into the community.

Due to the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is subject to a satisfactory DBS disclosure (costs will be covered).

This advert may close before the stated date if sufficient applications are received.

The Times Required

Days Monday –Sunday times will be morning or early afternoon. 2-3 hours and evening 1-2 hours.

*The hours are 9-18 hours per week depending on number of personal assistants recruited.

This will equal 28 hours over the course of the week, 10 hours of which are currently covered by an existing Personal Assistant. Exact days and times can be flexible and will be agreed prior to employment. Employees will need to be flexible and able to cover annual leave as necessary, with advanced notice.

The post will include 5.6 weeks paid annual leave (pro-rata). Mileage expenses incurred during shifts will be paid at a rate of 40p per mile.

Working hours will be discussed further at interview.

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