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Teaching and Personal Assistant

Location: Bulkington, Midlands Rate of Pay: £10.00 per hour

Hours per Week: 12 hours per week

Job Reference: WAR1443574SK1 Expires: 27th September 2019

About the Employer

We are looking for a willing and capable person to provide support and help to a very happy and sociable 8-year-old boy who has Severe Autism, Severe Learning Disability, Sensory Processing and Attachment issues. Your role will be to work with his Mum to offer practical support and encouragement to him and his family within the home setting, as he and his 4 younger siblings all have additional needs and are all home educated.

At home you will support his interactions with his siblings, his continence, his life skills and some of his learning and therapies. Whilst accessing activities and events at outings or in the local community you will provide one to one support for the individual to help with social interaction and inclusion or the provision of a separate activity if he is unable to cope with the group activity. All teaching curriculum will be supplied by and supervised by parents but carried out by you on the days you are working.

You will need to be able to travel to a fairly rural area with not many transport links, just outside of Bedworth, Warwickshire. At times you may have sole responsibility of more than one child, and you must be able to transport up to 3 children by car (car seats will be provided).

Summary of Duties

  • To facilitate and support the individual in decision making, life skills, interactions and development.
  • To encourage and support the individual in his relationships with his siblings
  • To take an active involvement in supporting the other siblings at quiet times or when the individual does not actively need support
  • To take part in speech and language therapy games and activities with the individual
  • To read books, play games, support basic daily phonics and maths
  • To offer help and assistance to the whole family using initiative to see what needs there are to be met
  • Support the individuals’ participation in play, social, leisure and educational opportunities at home as well as within the local community.
  • Be able to take the individual out of an environment that is causing him distress and provide an alternative activity and one to one care.
  • Interact and participate with the individual’s development of self-help skills, supporting to him to reach his potential for independence.
  • Support with personal care.
  • Support with continence care.
  • To ensure the safety of the individual at all times.
  • To complete and maintain accurate timesheets/mileage sheets
  • You have a responsibility as an Employee to report all accidents to the employer immediately.  You must record all details in the accident book.
  • You have a duty to report defects and / or hazards which may give rise to an accident.

The Person They Are Looking For


  • Own car with business insurance to transport children.
  • Knowledge and understanding of issues relating to people with Learning Disabilities and Autism.
  • Experience with children.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Able to work on own initiative
  • Honesty, reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Good sense of humour
  • Patient and supportive offering encouragement when needed.



  • Willingness to be involved with all the children in the family
  • Willingness to help with day to day family life
  • Experience of working in a school or care setting, ideally with children who have Learning Disabilities.

The Times Required

9.30am – 3.30pm OR 9am – 3pm if that suits better
Monday and Tuesday

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