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Female Personal Assistant

Location: Chesterfield area, Derbyshire, Midlands Rate of Pay: £8.50

Hours per Week: 9.5*

Job Reference: DER1445187JB1 Expires: 2nd October 2019

Female Personal Assistant (EQUALITY ACT 2010 SCHEDULE 9, PART 1 APPLIES)

About the Employer

I am a man who lives in my own bungalow supported by my family.  I am an easy- going, happy person who likes to be as independent as possible.  I have a hemiplegia (brain injury) which has resulted in a right sided weakness.  I wear a splint on my right leg and am able to walk and do most things for myself with some support.  I get easily tired and sometimes get upset about things and need reassurance.  I don’t like people arguing or falling out.


I like to go into town to the shops and enjoy having a meal or snack out.  I also enjoy going for a walk and to the local park.  I like using my computer.

Summary of Duties

The duties include:


  • to keep my bungalow nice and tidy and clean
  • to do my washing
  • to put my splint and shoes on when we go out
  • to go shopping or for a walk
  • to develop and maintain a personal one to one close working relationship


My needs may vary from day to day and your tasks may reflect this. You could be required to perform other duties as reasonably required.

You may be required to undertake any training that is considered necessary and appropriate to your role.

The Person They Are Looking For

I am looking for a gentle person who is kind and friendly. 

Ideally, they will have some knowledge and experience of working with someone with a brain injury.

This advert may close before the stated date if sufficient applications are received.

The Times Required

The weekly hours are 9.5 *with some additional hours available


Mon and Thurs mornings plus alternate Saturdays over lunchtime


Working hours will be discussed further at interview.

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