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Personal Assistant x 2

Location: Albany Washington, North East Rate of Pay: £9.20

Hours per Week: 2 hours term time (39 weeks per year) & 4 hours in holidays (13 weeks per year)

Job Reference: SUN1445597MB1 Expires: 9th October 2019

About the Employer

I am both the employer and mother of my 14 year old son. We live with my husband and my daughter in the Washington area of Sunderland. We have a pet dog.

My son is diagnosed with Autism and has pica eating disorder which as a result makes him vulnerable and requiring 2-1 support and supervision at all times.

My son has become reluctant to go out with us as a family, as he does not enjoy the same interests as his younger sister which results in him refusing to attend activities with us outside of the home.

My son attends school Monday – Friday and other than this is socially quite isolated which I am hoping the PA support will assist, in enabling him to access new experiences, and develop some independence skills.

My son requires strict  supervision and support at all times which is why he is allocated 2 -1 support, There is no personal care required however he does need prompts and guidance to ensure he maintains his hygiene when out of the home.

My son will pick up anything and may place it in his mouth, so will require people who are vigilant and understanding of the traits associated to his diagnosis of Autism, to enable them to best meet his needs.

He will require some supervision when in toilets as he will take any opportunity that arises to put things in his mouth, including soap, cleaning products etc.

As part of his disability, my son has some sensory aids, such as chewing aids to minimise the risks of him placing inappropriate objects in his mouth which could cause harm.

My son in all other ways is a typical young man of his age and enjoys being outdoors, going for walks and going out for meals etc. He loves spending time on his computer and has a great love/obsession of film and TV trivia from the 80’s, often engaging in conversation about this. He has a fantastic sense of humour and will require his PAs to be outgoing, fun and confident in their ability to communicate with him.

My son is able to manage in busy places and can often be pre occupied in his own head space, whereby he does not notice things around him. He can however become anxious in certain situations and will demonstrate behaviors such as stamping his feet, becoming louder and shouting out; however there can be telltale signs picked up prior to these outbursts or melt downs, and can be managed through distraction techniques or removing him from that specific environment.

He is able to verbalise when he is unhappy or articulate what his preferences are, which helps to prevent these situations from arising.

My son can be very tactile and enjoys a hug however due to his vulnerability, he can place himself at risk, as he will attempt to converse with strangers and has little understanding of situations or things that could cause him harm.

Summary of Duties

The requirement during term time is to collect my son from school at 3:15pm and to engage him in an activity within the community for a couple of hours before returning him home.

These sessions will also require the PAs to take him out for his tea.

During holiday times, as the hours increase, the PAs will be required to collect him from home, support him in accessing activities or events in the local community or further afield, as will be discussed and agreed between the PAs and myself (the employer) from week to week.

Close supervision must be maintained at all times.

The PA will be required to incorporate opportunities to promote his independence and build on general day to day safety skills as and when opportunities present themselves.

The Person They Are Looking For

I am looking for two personal assistants who have some experience in the care sector. The candidates should show initiative and enthusiasm and have a good sense of humour, general fitness and ability to engage with teenagers.

I am looking for people who have some knowledge or an understanding of Autism and pica and the necessity for close supervision, being reliable and committed to the role and requirements.

Good time keeping is essential, as the impact of lateness or cancellations can have an adverse effect.

I am looking for candidates who are able to provide continuity and consistency to the support and care required.

Due to the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is subject to a satisfactory DBS disclosure (costs will be covered).’

Car Owner and full driving license essential (business insurance required), you will be required to use your car to take my son on his activities, as well as transporting the second PA.

All expenses associated to activities/transportation for my son will be discussed in advance and will be paid for/reimbursed by the employer.

This advert may close before the stated date if sufficient applications are received.

The Times Required

Term Time – Friday from 3:15 pm to 5:15pm

Collection from school and return home


Holidays - depending on the activity identified or organised


The days and times can be more flexible during holidays depending on the activity identified or organised . Details will be discussed and agreed each week between the employee and myself

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