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Personal Assistant/support worker

Location: Rugby Warwickshire-support to be provided at Bangor University in Wales, Midlands Rate of Pay: £9.50-£10.00 per hour

Hours per Week: 15 hours per week, over a maximum of 6 days plus 2-3 hours non term time to support transition back to University

Job Reference: WAR1447561KRU3 Expires: 24th May 2022

Female Personal Assistant (EQUALITY ACT 2010 SCHEDULE 9, PART 1 APPLIES)

About the Employer

I am a female student at Bangor University studying a Science degree. This is my second year away from home. I am on the Autistic Spectrum and am classed as being high functioning, I want to be as independent as possible and I will require support to do this. 
I enjoy trampolining, photography and learning new things. I am currently learning Welsh. I really love animals and I am missing my cat who is at home. 
I have a good support network which includes my family and staff at the university, so I would need someone who will work alongside them. This may include speaking with my mum or my university tutor.


Summary of Duties

The support I need is as follows;
I would like to develop my life skills and establish a daily routine to promote my independence. This should include getting washed and dressed, eating a healthy balanced diet, keeping my room clean and taking part in social activities. Part of the support I need would include prompting and encouraging me to have a shower and change my clothes regularly and also prepare meals. I will also require practical support with tasks such as shopping and laundry and therefore I require someone to help with any task to ensure that I am living safely and comfortably.
It is important to me that I am supported with social activities. I would like my PA to help me develop my communication and social skills so I am able to take part in different activities and meet new people. Loud noises and large crowds can increase my anxiety so whenever possible these should be avoided. 
I enjoy walking but I would like some support with travel training which will include helping me to develop my confidence in catching a train as this is how I will be travelling home in the holidays. 
Managing finances is also something that I require support with. This may include helping me pay bills, going to the bank and ensuring that I am budgeting correctly. 
Support needs to be flexible and at times that are convenient for me depending on my university schedule. I would prefer that my daily support is once per day in the afternoon/evening. This support is only needed during term time


The Person They Are Looking For

I am looking for someone who is patient and kind and has some knowledge of autism and the challenges I may face. My PA will at times need to encourage me to meet my daily needs therefore they need to be calm, kind and assertive.
I would like someone who is able to plan activities with me and give me encouragement to engage with these activities.
The right person will need to be respectful of my wants and wishes and encourage me to make decisions over my own life, however, at times they may need to advocate on my behalf. They will also need to respect my confidentiality. 
Animal and photography lovers are a bonus!
This job description is not exhaustive and should be taken only as a general outline of the duties of the post-holder. It may be reviewed and varied periodically with due notice


The Times Required

15 hours per week, over a maximum of 6 days, to include support/encouragement with personal care, shopping, prepping meals, laundry and emotional support. 
2-3 hours non term time to support transition back to University following non term time holidays


I would like for this support to be flexible, I would prefer that my support is provided once per day after I have finished university in the late afternoon/evening. The times may change depending on my university schedule and I would need someone who can be flexible. This support is needed in term time only.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the health & wellbeing of all parties remains the number one priority. In light of this the above job duties and certain particulars of the role (working times / days) may be subject to change. This will be discussed with successful candidates in an ongoing capacity until further notice

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