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1 Experienced Female Child Support Worker

Location: Rugby, Midlands Rate of Pay: £12.75 per hour

Hours per Week: 5 hours per week for each PA - 20 hours each over a 4 week period

Job Reference: WAR1439193KR2 Expires: 5th October 2019

Female Personal Assistant (EQUALITY ACT 2010 SCHEDULE 9, PART 1 APPLIES)

About the Employer

P.A required to work alongside current P.A and be part of making a difference to our 15 year old daughter (non-verbal) who lives in her autistic world and has high needs.

Our daughter needs her new PA to spend time at home with her initially to build a relationship.

To work alongside mum initially to provide individual bespoke support.

She has high needs and is challenging - she needs her new PA to spend time at home with her building a relationship.

Personal care involved as our daughter wears continence pads Our daughter is socially isolated as she cannot tolerate lots of people around her without experiencing a high sensory overloaded. SC is treated for PANDAS (Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections) which causes inflammation of the brain and severe aggression. She has a strict clean diet free from: gluten, dairy, soya, yeast and sugar, all of which we cook from scratch and have been doing for a number of years. Our daughter requires 2:1 support due to her being diagnosed with ASD, Dyspraxia, Sensory defensive behaviour to sounds and hypotonic muscle tone.

Our daughter is non-verbal but makes sounds to illustrate that she is happy or sad, hurt or well. 

Our daughter makes these sounds for the majority of the time and augments her communication at home by taking her parents to what she wants and using objects of reference.


Our daughter has most of her personal care needs met by her us and has encouragement to help herself.  She is doubly incontinent.

She will also display Self Injurious behaviour and can lash out when anxious.

P.A’s will be advised on the Triggers for aggressive behaviour and how to manage these.

Summary of Duties

  • Knowledge and understanding of barriers relating to young people with a diagnoses of autism
  • A commitment to a service which provides support to vulnerable children, which is respectful and according to her wishes.
  • To be part of positive behaviour support as young person can display challenging behaviour at times.
  • Support to develop her skills on how to manage and enjoy the best quality of life possible.
  • To facilitate and support in decision making, promoting choice, involvement and control by nonverbal communication.
  • Ensure the young person’s needs are met through planning and reviewing with mum and other professionals.
  • Interact and participate with the development of self-help skills to supporting to her to reach her potential for independence.
  • Be understanding of age related activities
  • Provide stimulating play/communication opportunities to encourage development and ways of expressing her needs/wants.
  • To communicate and discuss achievement/difficulties with mum.
  • To maintain confidentiality and to ensure that professional boundaries are observed. 
  • To ensure safety, health and well-being are being met
  • To find appropriate ways to aid and promote communication whenever possible.

The Person They Are Looking For

  • Flexible and innovative approach to working
  • To provide specialist support and understanding in creating an environment that is safe and familiar. 
  • To provide a person centred approach with the aim of developing life skills.
  • Significant proven experience of working with children with challenging behaviour.
  • Knowledge of the dynamics and impact of supporting a child with autistic traits.
  • Knowledge and understanding of supporting a child who experiences various forms of sensory sensitivity such as touch and noise
  • An understanding of health and safety requirements in providing support with children.
  • Evidence of the ability to build and develop supportive relationships with children and maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Be a confident person who is fun loving.
  • Understanding of and willingness to undertake training.
  • Ability to build effective relationships, showing sensitivity for others’ viewpoints and valuing diversity.
  • Evidence of the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, including the ability to listen actively and match communication to the needs of the child.
  • Evidence of working with children whose behaviour that can be challenging.
  • Experience of working with children and have an understanding of epilepsy 
  • Evidence of the ability to be calm and resilient whilst under pressure during difficult situations and to remain optimistic and persistent.
  • Understanding the importance of seeking guidance and support when required and not to be afraid to ask for guidance.
  • Car Owner/Driver- business insurance required
  • Must be aware of following instructions and structure (for example when going to a place travel straight to and from do not stop for petrol or shopping as our daughter will not be able to cope with this).
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • To understand the principles of empowerment and the ability to support young people to exercise choice and control.
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to work under supervision
  • Ability to work on own initiative.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Good listening skills with a willingness to undertake training.
  • Position will be subject to a clear full enhanced DBS check and two satisfactory references.

The Times Required

Times agreed in advance.

Saturday daytime initially.

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