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Personal Assistant

Location: Gloucestershire, Cheltenham , South West Rate of Pay: £9 per hour

Hours per Week: 4 hours per week

Job Reference: 251MW Expires: 31st October 2019

About the Employer

I am a young woman of 24 years who has experienced some significant difficulties over the last 6 months, mainly as a result of a significant bereavement and a late diagnosis of ASC. I am very bright and polite but I find communication with those I don't know difficult.  I have a wide variety of interests.

Summary of Duties

Support with ensuring I maintain a safe habitable home.

Provide emotional support, encouragement and motivation.

Motivational approaches to support the reframing of my perception of Autism spectrum and to see it as an asset as opposed to a barrier. I also have ongoing professional support.

The Person They Are Looking For

A person who is tolerant and understanding.

A person who understands the social barriers that can arise as a result of ASC .

A person who can be motivational without being directive.

The Times Required

Over two afternoons, provisionally Tuesday and Thursdays although there is some flexibility.

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