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Special Needs Child Support Worker[s]

Location: Shrewley, Warwick, Midlands Rate of Pay: £11.50 per hour

Hours per Week: 38 hours every 4 weeks - predominantly weekends and after school to be negotiated weekly

Job Reference: WAR1432572KR2 Expires: 26th October 2019

About the Employer

We, the parents/employers are looking for one to one, and at times two to one support in caring for our very active and affectionate 10 year old boy who has a severe learning disability and severe autism.  Our son has faced and continues to face many challenges in coping with his life. Because of his difficulties and frustrations there are times where he will display severe challenging behaviour.

The aim of your role is to provide a high level of assistance and stimulation through play and supervision.

Before embarking in supporting our child you we will support you with a detailed training programme to ensure you have the right skills.

Summary of Duties

  • To provide one to one support within the family home.
  • When the time is right, provide two to one support outside of the family home.
  • Assist with the day to day practical personal care support
  • To provide support with toileting and personal care.
  • To support with trips to the park.
  • Needs close supervision at all times, to ensure safety.
  • To support with all tasks this can vary from day to day.
  • To interact and participate with our son’s development of self help skills through play and communication.
  • To provide stimulating play opportunities/activities
  • When required, to take an active role in leading play activities
  • To report any difficulties to ourselves as parents
  • To encourage self- advocacy whenever possible and help our son in his attempts to communicate his wishes and desires.
  • Although he loves one to one and intensive interaction, communication can be difficult for him which can also lead to frustration. Finding ways to communicate calmly and effective is very important.  
  • He is very physically active and enjoys spending a lot of time on his trampoline, (regardless of the weather) sensory toys and sensory place.  Horse riding has been an activity tried in the past and moving forward he may benefit from revisiting this.
  • All of these activities are very important to him.  Part of your role will be to participate in his chosen activity in all weathers.
  • Although sometimes he can struggle with activities, he needs perseverance and ambitious care when he can tolerate it.
  • You will need a good understanding of staged approaches to activities.

The Person They Are Looking For

  • Ability to work successfully with a child with severe learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and severe autism
  • Ability to work constructively connected with high anxieties and associated challenging behaviours.
  • Mentor who is familiar with managing challenging situations and supporting our son on either a one to one / or two to one basis
  • To provide a high standard of person-centred support, consistency and emotional well-being.
  • Ability to risk assess conflict situations and activities according to mood and environment
  • An understanding of working with young children who have had a diagnosis of severe autism, severe learning disabilities and severe challenging behaviour. Be committed to working with a young child who presents complex and challenging behaviours.
  • We are a family of 4, not to forget our dog who is a massive part of our family life.  You must have the ability to be part of our family and maintain your professionalism.  
  • Have appropriate knowledge and experience of working with children and committed to providing excellent opportunities and support to the child and his family.
  • Be enthusiastic and highly motivated during challenging times.
  • Possess good written skills and be an effective communicator.
  • To understand the principles of empowerment and the ability to support our son to exercise choice and control.
  • Ability to work unsupervised-and user your own initiative
  • To maintain confidentiality and professional boundaries
  • Flexible and innovative approach to working our son
  • Have experience of organising and providing play and other activities.
  • Knowledge of the dynamics and impact of supporting a child with additional needs.
  • An understanding of health and safety requirements in providing support with children.
  • Ability to build effective relationships, showing sensitivity for others’ viewpoints and valuing diversity.
  • Evidence of the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, including the ability to listen actively and match communication to the needs of the child.
  • Evidence of the ability to take responsibility for own actions and behaviour being able to reflect on previous experiences to improve own practice.  
  • Evidence of the ability to be calm and resilient whilst under pressure and to remain optimistic and persistent.
  • Understanding the importance of seeking guidance and support when required.
  • Car Owner/Driver

The Times Required

38 hours every 4 weeks - predominantly weekends and after school to be negotiated weekly.

Additional hours available during school holidays.

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