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Support Worker

Job Reference: 15885WARTS1

Expiry Date: 7th March 2024

Location: Near Tamworth, West Midlands
Hourly Rate of pay: £13 per hour plus £84.50 for sleeps
Contract Type: Casual
Hours per week: Variable
Applicants must be 18 years of age or over.

When you are Required

Specific days/times required:
• Monday,
• Tuesday,
• Wednesday,
• Thursday,
• Friday,
• Saturday,
Dates and times are flexible and can be discussed at interview.
This position will require:
• Sleep-ins

About the Employer

Rate of pay £12.00 per hour day rate, and £84.50 per sleep

We are 2 friendly, young adult siblings who have a Learning Disability and Autism. We require some support with all aspects of Independent Living 24 hours a day.

Your role as personal assistant is to support us to live a safe, independent, and fulfilling life both in our own home and within the community setting. Within the home we will require help with our personal care; we are able to wash/shower and dress with minimal support, but we may require your support to help us choose clean, weather appropriate clothing for the day, and help us choose and arrange our toiletries. We need encouragement and support to prepare for our daily activities, both within the home and community setting.

We are both very, friendly, and outgoing, but it is important you are patient and understanding when communicating with us.

We have 1-1 support between the hours of 8am-8pm so we can both access and engage in our own personal interests; we enjoy going out on day trips individually with our PA but also enjoy going out together on day trips whilst supported by our individual PAs as a small group.

Employer Disability and Health Conditions
• Cognitive / Learning

The employer's hobbies and interests:
• To be discussed at Interview

Other relevant information

About the Role

Duties and Responsibilities
• Support and/or prompt with personal care. This may include toileting, showering/bathing, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed.
• Support and/or prompt with cooking/meal preparation and eating meals/drinks.
• Support and/or prompt the individual to take medication.
• Assist with household chores and general homemaking.
• Support and/or prompt to attend appointments as necessary, e.g. hospital/doctors.
• Support with food shopping.
• Support to get to and from school/work/college/social activities.
• Support and/or prompt the individual to access sporting and leisure activities.
• Assist and encourage socialisation, participating in activities.
• Promote and encourage friendships and independence.
• Develop a good and trusting one to one working relationship.

Due to the following requirements of the role, only candidates aged 18 or over should apply for this position:

• You will be required to administer medication.
• Shifts may start before and or after 10pm

The individuals needs may vary from day to day and your tasks may reflect this. You could be required to perform other duties as reasonably required.

You have a responsibility as an employee to report all accidents to the employer immediately. You have a duty to report defects and / or hazards which may give rise to an accident. You are to ensure the safety of the individual at all times.

Due to the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is subject to a satisfactory DBS disclosure (costs will be covered).

Transport Requirement

Full driving licence is essential as the role requires you to drive the employer’s vehicle (employer to check age requirement with car insurance provider).

Required Skills

• Be honest, reliable, trustworthy and punctual.• Maintain confidentiality and respect privacy, including the prohibited use of social media in relation to the job role.
• To be able to work on own initiative.
• To work as part of a team.
• To be able to follow instructions accurately.
• Be patient, supportive and caring.
• Have good listening skills and be able to provide non-judgemental emotional support.
• Be empathetic.
• Previous caring experience is not essential, however you should have a genuine interest in supporting people with a disability/illness to achieve their goals.
• Be able to work flexibly, adapting to the employers needs on a daily basis.
• Flexibility would be an advantage as the hours may be variable.
• Be self-motivated with a willingness to get involved.
• Have a lively personality.

Required Training
Successful candidates are required to undertake any training that is considered necessary and appropriate to the role.

First Aid. Training will be provided by the employer.
Epilepsy. Training will be provided by the employer.

Does this position interest you?

This advert may close before the stated date if sufficient applications are received.

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