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Welcome to Salford & Greater Manchester

Office Contacts
Title Name
Service Manager Jayne
Independent Living Adviser Abigail
Independent Living Adviser Louise
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Alison
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Shahin
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Yasir
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Susan
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Sukhjit
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Brendan
Managed Accounts: Finance Officer Kayleigh

Welcome to Penderels Trust Salford & Greater Manchester

Please find below some general information on the services we offer.  

On this website you can also access:

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  • Events Calendar - link at the top of the page

Please contact us at the office if you need any further help or information.

Services in Salford

Penderels Trust is working in partnership with Salford Integrated Care Organisation to support adults and children who receive a direct payment or personal health budget in the area to get the most out of their care money and to achieve their goals.  Our support includes:

  • Support when recruiting a personal assistant
  • Guidance on all aspects of being a good employer including legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Support with choosing and using a care agency
  • Help with money management and keeping accurate records
  • Payroll services
  • Managed accounts

Please contact the team for more information.

Are you a great PA who would like to be more involved in promoting the role?

We have three opportunities for you to do just that.  In summary, these are:

1) Become a Penderels Trust PA Champion 

2) Get involved in the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and let them know your experiences of being a PA (free shopping voucher for involvement)

3) Do you support someone living with a neurological condition like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease? Neurocare KnowHow are looking for PAs to share their stories (free shopping voucher for involvement). 

For more information on all these opportunities, please download the PA Champions flyer at the bottom of this page.

Safeguarding in Salford

If someone you know in Salford is being abused or you think they might be, please contact the safeguarding team at Salford City Council. It's better to be on the safe side. 

Safeguarding Adults: email worriedaboutanadult@salford.gov.uk or tel 0161 631 4777

Safeguarding Children: worriedaboutachild@salford.gov.uk or tel 0161 603 4500

If you need help out of hours, please call 0161 794 8888 for adults or children.

Services in Bury

Penderels Trust is working in partnership with Bury Council to support adults and children who receive a direct payment.  We offer payroll and managed account services in this area.

Please contact the team for more information.

Penderels Trust Salford is recognised as a dementia friendly organisation    

Salford & Manchester is a community that has been recognised by the Dementia Action Alliance as a community that is 'working to become dementia friendly'.  Within the community, Penderels Trust has also been recognised as an organisation that supports this initiative and has submitted an action plan to demonstrate what we will do.  For more information on what the Dementia Action Alliance do, please go to www.dementiaaction.org.uk

Useful Links in Salford

Useful Links in Bury

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PA Champions Flyer

This flyer provides more information for PAs to get involved in promoting the role.

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Penderels Trust

Salford CVS and Volunteer Centre
The Old Town Hall, 5 Irwell Place
M30 0FN

  0161 641 5490



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