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Virtual PA Community Centre now open www.allaboutpas.org.uk.

12th April 2022

Penderels Trust has launched a brand new website, known as the PA Community Centre, just for personal assistants (PAs).  As PAs don’t work as part of a larger organisation, they can feel isolated and are often over-looked compared to those who work in a care home or for an agency. Penderels Trust has created a new and unique resource that is solely aimed at PAs to provide information, support and networking opportunities. 

The online PA Community Centre is packed full of information and resources which have been tried and tested by the PA Recruitment and Development Team at Penderels Trust. 

With so much information available online, it can be difficult and time-consuming for PAs to find resources relevant to them.  With the PA Community Centre, the hard work has been done for them and the team has pulled together some great resources that they think will be of interest to PAs (or people thinking of being a PA). 

The site is free to access and is available to everyone. Nearly all resources are free, a few are low cost (these are mostly training courses and any cost is clearly shown).  Content will be regularly refreshed so PAs know it will be accurate, current and relevant. 

The site has been divided into areas of easy navigation: being a PA, PA employment, training, wellbeing, local room, networking and additional resources. There are also news features and links to other PA services from Penderels Trust, PA Finder and PA Jobs. 

As well as being a great centre of information for PAs, the PA Community Centre also showcases some of the great work being done by smaller organisations including The Girl with the Curly Hair (autism support) and Oliver’s Campaign (autism and learning disability support).

The team would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for additional resources.  You can contact them at hello@allaboutpas.org.uk

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